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By Rochester Dental
May 31, 2016
Category: Dental Procedures

It's amazing what a coat of fresh paint will do to brighten up a room. The same idea can be applied to your teeth. Making them whiter andteeth whitening brighter can enhance your whole appearance. Dr. Debra Halsey and Dr. William Carmody of Rochester Dental in Troy, MI can help you achieve that look through teeth whitening in their office. You can learn more about in-office dental whitening here.

How does teeth whitening work?

In-office whitening, also known as chairside whitening, from your Troy dentist relies on the power of peroxide to make the teeth up to eight shades whiter. When applied to the teeth, the peroxide-based whitening gel sets off a chemical reaction to oxidize and break up the stains that have settled in the microscopic pores of the tooth enamel. The whitening gel is left on the teeth for approximately a half-hour - depending on the severity of staining and the desired results - and then removed by one of our trained staff members at Rochester Dental. The result when you walk out of our office is a beautiful, gleaming smile that you'll be proud to show off.

What about over-the-counter teeth whitening products?

Teeth whitening has become a billion-dollar industry, so it's no surprise that there are whitening kits and products available at retail stores everywhere. However, your Troy dentists want their patients to understand that while these products have similar ingredients to those used at Rochester Dental, the concentration of the bleaching agents contained in the over-the-counter whitening products are not as concentrated as the professional-grade treatments. This means results will take much longer to see - weeks or months as opposed to an hour or less - and put the teeth at risk for sensitivity due to the long exposure times. Applying these products yourself also puts your sensitive gum and cheek tissue at risk for chemical burns.

Whitening your teeth with the help of your dentist is the best way to ensure beautiful, long-lasting results. To schedule a consultation about teeth whitening or any other procedure, call Rochester Dental in Troy, MI today!