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By Rochester Denta
April 23, 2019
Category: Dental Procedures
Tags: Dental Crowns  

Discover the oral health benefits of getting dental crowns from our office in Troy, MI!

Are you happy with your smile as is or are you dealing with any chipped, discolored, or misshapen teeth? If so, our dentists in Troy, MI, Dr. William Carmody and Dr. Debra Halsey, have a simple solution that could provide both cosmetic and restorative benefits for your smile!


Dental Crowns and Their Purpose

This small restoration is hollow and tooth-shaped, allowing it to cover the entire visible portion of a tooth all the way to the gum line. By covering the tooth, it becomes the new outer surface, strengthening the weakened or damaged structure and providing it with protection.

Sometimes, a problem arises that affects both the health and strength of a tooth. Of course, the goal of our Troy, MI, general dentists is to preserve the natural tooth whenever possible. In some cases, this means placing a crown over the tooth as soon as possible to prevent further complications. By placing a crown, we may also prevent the need for tooth extraction in the future!

Accompanying all of the restorative features provided by dental crowns are a number of cosmetic benefits as well. As we mentioned earlier, widespread discolorations, chips, and defects that affect the overall shape and appearance of your tooth can be hidden with the help of dental crowns.

Missing a tooth? Well, dental crowns can also help restore your smile too. Crowns are placed over a dental implant to replace a single missing tooth and also to support a dental bridge, which is designed to fill gaps in your smile with an artificial tooth.


Getting a Crown

With traditional crowns, it can take 2-3 visits to get your new restoration. We will first need to examine the tooth and take x-rays to make sure that a crown is the right treatment option. From there, we will reduce the tooth's size so that the crown will fit snugly over it.

Once the tooth is shaped, we will take impressions of it. These impressions will provide the exact measurements needed for a dental lab to create your permanent crown. Since it can take about one week to get a dental crown, we will need to place a temporary crown over the tooth to protect it until your permanent crown is ready.

After this waiting period, you will come back into our office for a final fitting where we will check to make sure that the crown fits properly and doesn’t affect your bite. before cementing it permanently into place.


Interested? Give Us a Call!

Do you think you could benefit from what a dental crown can offer? Do you want to find out how crowns can perfect your smile? The dental experts at Rochester Dental in Troy, MI, are ready to help. Call our office today at (248) 528-0700!

By Rochester Dental
June 12, 2018
Category: Dental Procedures
Tags: Dental Crowns  

Dental CrownsRestore your damage tooth with a dental crown. The everyday functions of biting and chewing food can be challenging for a tooth that has been damaged and worn down. It is normal to avoid chewing with that tooth, which puts additional strain on the surrounding teeth as they compensate for the damaged one. A dental crown acts as a protective shell for the damaged tooth so that it can resume normal biting and chewing functions painlessly. At Rochester Dental, Dr. William Carmody and Dr. Debra Halsey are your dentists for dental crowns in Troy.

What is a Dental Crown?

A dental crown is a protective shell that is placed over a damaged tooth like a cap. Once in place, the dental crown completely encapsulates the damaged tooth by giving it a new, strong exterior. The dental crown strengthens and restores the damaged tooth, making it possible to resume normal biting and chewing functions that were previously avoided due to pain, discomfort, and sensitivity. In addition to strengthening and restoring the tooth, a dental crown also protects the tooth from further damage.

Placement of Dental Crowns

Each dental crown is custom made to perfectly fit over the damaged tooth it will be restoring. The crown is made from an impression of your tooth. The size and shape of the crown will be matched to the impression. The dental crown will also be color-matched to your surrounding teeth so it blends in naturally. Your Troy dentist can help you decide if a dental crown is the right option for your tooth.

Benefits of Dental Crowns

Dental crowns offer multiple benefits beyond restoring damaged teeth. Placement of dental crowns is permanent so there is no need to apply dental adhesives daily to hold them in place. That also means the dental crowns will remain securely in place so they will not come loose or fall out. Another benefit of dental crowns is that they conceal cosmetic concerns, such as stains and discolorations. They can also hide chips and cracks in teeth, as well as reshape teeth that are oddly shaped. The many benefits of dental crowns include:

  • Restoring damaged teeth
  • Strengthening weak teeth
  • Protecting teeth from further damage
  • Resuming normal biting and chewing functions
  • Alleviating the additional strain on surrounding teeth
  • Concealing cosmetic concerns, such as stains, chips, or cracks
  • Looking and functioning like natural teeth

A dental crown can restore your damaged tooth, allowing you to resume normal biting and chewing functions without pain. For dental crowns in Troy, schedule an appointment with Dr. Carmody or Dr. Halsey by calling Rochester Dental at (248) 528-0700.

By Rochester Dental
June 08, 2017
Category: Dental Procedures

Dental crowns are one of today's most reliable and versatile restorations. If you have a tooth that is compromised due to decay or injury, dental crownsyour Troy dentist may recommend a crown. Dr. William Carmody and Dr. Debra Halsey recommend dental crowns as a great alternative to tooth extraction, to support fixed bridgework and to restore dental implants, the premier options for replacing missing teeth. Do you qualify for a dental crown?

The details on dental crowns

Say, for example, you are struck in the mouth during a softball game, and your front tooth cracks. You save the fragments and go to Rochester Dental for treatment. Upon examination and X-rays, Dr. Halsey or Dr. Carmody determines that the tooth can be saved if it is protected with a crown.

What does a crown look like? It looks just like a natural tooth and covers remaining tooth structure from the top to gum line. Made from porcelain fused to metal (PFM), all-porcelain or a strong ceramic material, your crown supplies the strength and aesthetics that your broken tooth lacks.

The crown procedure

Your Troy dentist reshapes the remaining tooth structure by removing fractured enamel and any filling material. If needed, they perform root canal therapy. The tooth is covered with a temporary filling or crown while it heals. Not every crown placement requires a root canal procedure.

Then, to craft a crown with just the right shape, color and bite for your mouth, Dr. Carmody or Dr. Halsey takes oral impressions and sends them, along with detailed instructions to a trusted dental lab. A skilled technician uses this information to custom-fabricate the crown.

On a return visit to Rochester Dental, your dentist removes the temporary crown and cements the permanent one in place. Careful adjustments are made to the shape of the crown so it bites together perfectly with the opposite arch of teeth.

The versatility and reliability of dental crowns

The professional team at Rochester Dental also uses dental crowns to anchor fixed bridgework. Bridges are a traditional dental prosthetic used to replace one, two or more consecutive teeth. The artificial teeth are attached to neighboring natural, or abutment, teeth via crowns. Additionally, crowns are the finishing touch on dental implants which are anchored into the patient's jaw bone.

Finally, your new crown can last many years with proper care. Simply floss around it daily and brush twice daily just as you do your other teeth. And, of course, get your six-month check-ups and hygienic cleanings at Rochester Dental to keep your smile healthy and bright.

Find out more

If you are concerned about the health of a tooth, please don't wait. Contact Rochester Dental today for a restorative dentistry consultation. A dental crown could be just what your smile needs to stay strong and beautiful. Call (248) 528-0700 for an appointment.

By Rochester Denta
April 01, 2016
Category: Dental Procedures
Tags: Dental Crowns  

Dentists have used dental crowns to help their patients since the late 1800s. Modern crowns look so much like natural teeth that no dental crownsone can tell the difference (except your dentist of course). Dental crowns can help strengthen damaged teeth and also give you a smile that you can feel proud to flash everywhere you go. Find out how a dentist at Rochester Dental in Troy, MI can help you restore your smile.

Common Tooth Problems
Over time, teeth may become vulnerable to wear, erosion, decay and infection—particularly if they’re not cared for properly. Here are a few of the most common tooth problems that patients struggle with:

  • Cavities and major tooth decay that requires root canal therapy. 
  • Erosion of tooth enamel.
  • Protruding teeth due to injury or infection.
  • Intrinsic tooth discoloration due to medication or injury.

Dental crowns by your Troy, MI dentist can help fix or reverse all of these common dental diseases and imperfections.

Strengthen Your Teeth with Dental Crowns
A dental crown is a small piece of either porcelain, metal, porcelain fused to metal or a strong ceramic material that is shaped to cover an existing tooth. It gets its name due to the fact that it looks like a crown-shaped cap with an indentation in the middle for the “head” of the tooth. When a tooth is weak, eroded or damaged, a crown gives it strength and protection. If there has been decay due to an infection, the crown allows the tooth time to heal and become more resilient.

Getting Dental Crowns
The process of getting crowns starts with a consultation appointment that should take about 30-45 minutes. Your dentist will perform a full exam including X-rays to ensure that crowns are the best solution for your case. Your teeth have to have relatively strong roots and be supported by healthy bone tissue for crowns.

Call for Crowns
If you have a tooth problem that can probably be fixed with the help of a dental crown, call Rochester Dental in Troy, MI today at (248)528-0700 to schedule an appointment with a caring and attentive dentist.

By Rochester Dental
March 23, 2015
Category: Dental Procedures
Tags: Dental Crowns  

Dental Crowns Find out what it’s like to get dental crowns in Troy.

What are dental crowns?

Dental crowns are tooth-shaped caps that are designed to cover the entire tooth to provide protection and to restore a damaged tooth.

When are dental crowns used?

Dental crowns can be used for a variety of different reasons:

  • To offer additional protection for a damaged tooth
  • To restore strength in a weak tooth
  • To protect a tooth after root canal therapy
  • To improve the appearance of a severely cracked or stained tooth
  • To cover over a dental implant (to replace a missing tooth)

A dental crown can be made from gold, ceramic, or porcelain. Porcelain or ceramic crowns tend to be the most popular as they are tooth-colored and offer the most natural-looking smile.

What should I expect when I get a dental crown?

A lot will depend on why you need a dental crown in the first place. Many people who need dental crowns will also go through root canal therapy to treat an infected or inflamed tooth. After root canal treatment, which removes the damaged inner structure of the tooth, a dental crown will be cemented to the tooth to preserve the tooth’s structure and offer additional protection.

Getting a dental crown usually takes two visits. During your first visit, we will take impressions of the tooth and then send this information to a lab, where they will custom-make your crown. This usually takes a week. In the meantime, your Troy dentist will fit you with a temporary crown. After about a week, you will come into our office for your second visit, where we will remove your temporary crown and cement the permanent one to your tooth.

How do I care for my dental crowns?

Dental crowns do not require special care and can be treated just like natural teeth. However, just because this is an artificial structure doesn’t mean you don’t have to brush and floss it like you would your other teeth. Decay can still lurk under and around your crown so it’s important that you care for it just as you would the rest of your smile.

How long will my dental crown last?

With the proper care dental crowns can last up to 15 or 20 years. A lot will depend, however, on maintaining good oral health and seeing your Troy dentist for routine exams and cleanings.

If you are experiencing tooth pain or symptoms indicative of an infection or severe decay, then it’s time to see your Troy dentist right away for treatment. Call our office today to schedule an appointment with Dr. Bill Carmody and Dr. Debra G. Halsey at Rochester Dental.